Professional Summary

With 25 years of hobby programming experience, it's time to use my skills professionally. My project experience includes Full Stack development, Real Time Processing, and Team Projects, and I adapt well to different environments and languages.

Languages & Tools

Javascript (ES6), Node.js, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, C, C++, Java, Go, Visual Studio, VIM, Git, Sourcetree, PHP, Nginx, Docker

Recent Projects

Node API Server - Node.js Technology: REST API, Nginx, Docker Shared Text Editor - Node.js, Browser Technology: Text CRDT, WebSockets EvalEnv - Node.js, Docker Technology: WebSockets, Bash Scripting Bookmarklet Crawler - Browser Technology: DOM Manipulation Script Assistant - Java Technology: Swing UI Wavetable Synthesizer - Browser Technology: WebAudio, iFFT Synthesis, Signal Processing


Pikes Peak Community College
Computer Science
2018 - Now
Purdue North Central
Computer Science
2001 - 2003

Recent Employment History

Pikes Peak Community College
Junior Web Developer
2019 - Now
Pikes Peak Community College
Junior Tech Support
2019 - 2019